The frustrating life of a side chick

 Let me start by saying this is not my diary,but it could be someone else's,we never can tell anyways lets go on.

Plump lips, great hair, great body, nice curves, smiling face, lovely character but yet he still has a main girl, what am i lacking, i ask myself every single time and it drives me to have a low self esteem, Am i not beautiful enough?

He even has the guts to tell me he would have been with me if he wasn't with someone else but i'm madly in-love with him,why do i find myself in situations like this every time from best friends they turn friends with benefits.

He says he loves me but he has another. someone somewhere is just questioning herself like this slowly driving herself into depression just because she fell in love with the wrong guy, she's trying to make herself believe she doesn't mind being a side-chick, shes trying to make herself believe she doesn't care, I laugh.😁

Dear sister i just want to let you know, you really do mind you're getting older but you're still not with the guy you want,all your friends are in a perfect relationship and you want one to, you can't even snatch him from her because he loves her to the extent she doesn't know who you are even if he is cheating on her with you and some other girls which you might even be number nineteen on the list lol, you're telling every good guy that comes your way he is not your type because you want someone just like your Mr perfect with a girlfriend.

He is sweet i know, you get goosebumps when you see him, you can't stop thinking about him,he is the only guy that makes you laugh lol but you are still his side chick and you would keep on commenting " your girlfriend looks good "every time he decides to post his not so beautiful babe on his wall.

Grow up sister you deserve more,he might not be as good-looking or funny as your Mr perfect with a girlfriend but you need to give that guy that really loves you but isn't your type a try.

Mr perfect is taken.
 Dropping a song for the mood

Dear diary that is all for now.❤️
xoxo shuga

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